What Bubble? NASDAQ Rises Above 4,000, Back To Year 2000, Dot-Com Bubble Levels

WhatBubble? NASDAQRisesAbove 4,000, BackToYear 2000, Dot-ComBubbleLevels

Nope, no bubblehere… and no complacencyeither. And while just like last time, the tech companies still have no profits, at least this time they have revenues… most of which originate from the seemingly infinite advertising budgets at struggling discretionary retailers. By way of gentle reminder – In 2000, total US debt was $5.7 trillion. Now it is three times greater, or $17.2 trillion. As KyleBass once warned, "we are rightbackthere! Thebrevityoffinancialmemoryisabouttwoyears."

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