U.S. Backed Syrian Opposition YEARS BEFORE Uprising Started

U.S. BackedSyrianOppositionYEARSBEFOREUprisingStarted

TheAmericanGovernment’sNarrativethat “WeMustStopAssadBecauseHe’sBrutallyCrushing a SpontaneousPopularUprising” isFalse

The civil war in Syria started in March 2011. And seethis.

However, the U.S. has been funding the Syrianopposition since 2006 … and arming the opposition since 2007.

So the American government’s argument that “we must stop Assad because he’s brutally crushing a spontaneous popular uprising” is false. The U.S. started supporting the rebels 5 yearsbefore the protests started.

Moreover, reports from mainstream media sources such as the NewYorkTimes, (and here), WallStreetJournal, USAToday, CNN, McClatchy (and here), AP, Time, BBC, the Independent, the Telegraph, AgenceFrancePresse, AsiaTimes, and the Star (and here) – confirm that supporting the rebels means supporting AlQaedaandtwootherterroristgroups. Indeed, the the New York Times has reported that virtuallyall of the rebel fighters are Al Qaeda terrorists.

By supporting the rebels, we’re supporting our sworn terrorist enemies.

A War 20 YearsIntheMaking

If there is any doubt about this timeline, please keep in mind that the U.S. and Britain considered attacking Syrians and then blaming it on the Syrian government as an excuse for regime change … 50 yearsago (the U.S. just admitted that they didthistoIran)

And the U.S. has been planning regime change in Syria for 20 yearsstraight.

TheLast “HumanitarianWar”

Libya’s Gaddafi claimed that the rebels in that country were actually Al Qaeda.

That claim – believe it or not – has been confirmed.

According to a 2007 report by West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center’s center, the Libyan city of Benghazi was one of Al Qaeda’s main headquarters – and bases for sending Al Qaeda fighters into Iraq – prior to the overthrow of Gaddafi:

The Hindustan Times reported:

“There is no question that al Qaeda’s Libyan franchise, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, is a part of the opposition,” Bruce Riedel, former CIA officer and a leading expert on terrorism, told Hindustan Times.

It has always been Qaddafi’s biggest enemy and its stronghold is Benghazi.

(Incidentally, Gaddafi was on the verge of invading Benghazi in 2011, 4 years after the West Point report cited Benghazi as a hotbed of Al Qaeda terrorists. Gaddafi claimed – rightly it turns out – that Benghazi was an Al Qaeda stronghold and a main source of the Libyan rebellion. But NATO planes stoppedhim, and protected Benghazi.)

Al Qaeda is now largely in control of Libya. Indeed, Al Qaeda flags were flownovertheBenghazicourthouse once Gaddafi was toppled.

There is a direct connection to Syria. Specifically, CNN, the Telegraph, the WashingtonTimes, and many other mainstream sources confirm that Al Qaeda terrorists from Libya have since floodedintoSyria to fight the Assad regime. And the post-Gaddafi Libyan government is also itself a topfunder and armssupplier of the Syrian opposition.


The bottom line is that there are no few good guys involved in the Syrian war.

The solution is not to bomb the country … or to send more arms to the rebels.

The solution is to make sure that less weapons – chemical and conventional – get into that tinder box of a country.

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