Thursday (Un)Humor: The IMF’s European Growth Expectations

Thursday (Un)Humor: TheIMF’sEuropeanGrowthExpectations

With all the excitement over France and Germany’s emergence from recession based on this morning’s advance first-guess GDP data – a recovery-less recovery the likes of which the US has been languishing in for years – we thought it worth a reminder of the hopeful hockey-stick growth embedded in the IMF’s forecast for the European Union. Assuming that Europe is still clinging together in 2016, we present the IMF’sdreamsofthefuture.. and most intriguingly the OECD’sforecastthatGermanywillgrowat a mere 1.1% forthenext 50%.

Perhaps most intriguingly:

Germanywillgrowatanannualrateof 1.1 percentbetween 2011 and 2060, accordingtothe OECD. That is the weakest pace, tied with Luxembourg, among 42 OECD countries. The IMF projects Germany will be the slowest-growing economy in the euro area by 2016, expanding at an annual rate of 1.3 percent in 2016 compared with 3.7 percent for Greece. The OECD saysGermany has broughtinfewer pro-growthreformsthananyothermembercountrysince 2007.

Source: BloombergBriefs

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