Indian Rupee Collapses – Worst Day In 20 Years

Como no se corrija puede convertirse en un polvorín
IndianRupeeCollapses – WorstDayIn 20 Years

Presented with little comment (overourearlierdetail) but just to note that around the world there are significant events occurring (even as the US equity market slumbers). So muchforthegoldcoinban – goldnowtradesat 4 monthhighsinRupeeterms.

Today’s 1.46 Rupee slump is the largest in absolute terms since 1993… (the largest single-day percentage depreciation since 9/22/2011)…

and the last 4 weeks’ move is the largest since 1991…

And just for fun, sinceMay 2nd, holdersofpaperRupeehavelost 18% oftheirpurchasingpowerwhilethosethatheldgoldinsteadhaveseentheir ‘wealth’ appreciate 13% in local purchasingpower.

Charts: Bloomberg

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