Crude’s Worst Day In 13 Months Sends Trannies Tumbling

Crude’sWorstDayIn 13 MonthsSendsTranniesTumbling

WTI crude is back below $95.50 – its lowest in a month – as the price of the front-month has droppedover 3% today – itsbiggest single-daydropsinceNovember 2012. USD strength (+0.3%) is being ignored for now by gold and silver which are jumping handily (back over $1230 and $20 respectively). US equities are suffering for the first day of the year for the first time since 2008 (which ended -38.5%) led by Russell 2000 and the DowTransports – whichisseeingitsworstdayin 4 months.

Oil is having a bad day – and its not a WTI-Brent issue as the spread is stable…

and the Trannies are tumbling…

Along with all the other major indices… from Friday’s panic-buying highs

Charts: Bloomberg

Thursday Humor BonusChart:We can onlyassumethatBloombergdidnotgetthe memo onthe 100-to-1 reversesplitrescalingofVenzuela’sstockindex… or it really is -99.9%…

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