30Y Treasury Yield Tumbles To 7-Month Lows As Nasdaq Loses 4,000

30Y TreasuryYieldTumblesTo 7-MonthLows As Nasdaq Loses 4,000

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US equities are pressing fresh lows of the day as USDJPY tests 101. The Nasdaq just broke 4,000 – its worst drop in 8 months; The Dowtradingbackunderits 200DMA; and now every major index is in negative territory from the December Taper. Most notably though, Treasury yields are tumbling as weak data and safe-haven flows have pressed 30-yearyieldstotheirlowestsicenJuly 5th 2013. VIX is trading 20.7% – its highest in 4 months.

All major indices now red from the December Taper…

As Nasdaq loses 4000 and drops by the most since June..

as Bond yields collapse to 7 month lows…

Charts: Bloomberg

BonusChart – WTFinfinancials…

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