>A Peak Oil Ideogram


sPeaking out

Peak oil.
Peak everything.
Nobody wants to know.
It's quite simple though.
You start with a pristine planet.
Life outgrows itself eon after eon.
The Sun keeps shining. The rain keeps falling.
The plants keep growing, as do the animals, and dying.
Huge deposits of organic matter keep forming. Minerals just rest wherever.
Huge amounts of energy and chemical elements just lie there, buried for bilions of years.
The deposits of dead biomass turn soil first, then oil and gas under the immense pressure of the Earth's crust.
Then one day appears an ape, who learns to run on its legs first, then on wood, then on coal, then on oil and gas and uranium.
That's how we started to run out of things without any regard for them as they where so plentiful and we needed to outgrow ourselves - didn't we?
That's how enormous forests disappeared as did many species of animals, and that's how we managed to multiply in spite of killing each other.
We are still in the process of increasing our number while we can still burn wood, coal, oil, gas, uranium and hopes of growth.
But we face an inevitable prospect of decline as we run out of all known types of fuel and other materials we dig out.
There is absolutely no way at all that "renewable" sources of energy can substitute for fossile fuels and uranium.
The sheer amount of energy on which we depend nowadays, and the rarefying chemicals, can't be substituted for.
There are no technologies in sight of whatever kind that could substitute for a half of present needs.
Solar energy, wind farms, hydraulic power stations etc. combined can only supply a third of it.
On top of that most alternative, renewable technologies, depend on rarefying raw materials.
That's how the biggest bubble of all will burst sometime: that of human population.
The so-called global and sectorial crises and regional conflicts will worsen.
Countries are starting to run out of resources and labour.
Hardship, poverty, hunger and disease will ensue.
Unrest will spread from poorer to richer areas.
Energy supply will trail demand forever.
Same thing for minerals and foodstuff.
We may run ahead competing.
But then we are doomed.
We need to change.
We need less.
To survive.
Help us.

by Artur Sixto

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