WTI Crude Oil Surges To Highest Price On Record For This Day In History

WTICrudeOil Surges ToHighestPriceOnRecordForThisDayInHistory

// ZeroHedge

Whether driven by real supply-demand issues, concerns over terrorism (sparked by the Sochi plane debacle), or hopes a renewed un-tapered QE on the basis of 2 piss-poor jobs reports in a row is unclear. What is clear is that WTI crude is having its bestdayinover 2 months – now at its highest in 2014, back above $100 a barrel and its mostexpensiveinhistoryforthis time ofyear.

2014 highs, biggest jump in 2 months, back over $100 per barrel

and the most expensive barrel of oil for this time of year in history…

Charts: Bloomberg

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