Jim Rogers: “This Is Absolute Insanity”

JimRogers: "ThisIsAbsoluteInsanity"

"It’snotjusttheFed, it’s central banking," Jim Rogers exclaims to Reuters inthisbrief clip, "thisisabsoluteinsanity." As the world’s central banks, for the first time in history "try to debase their currencies," simultaneously, Rogers cautions, "the world’s floating around on a huge artificial sea of liquidity." Rogers goes on to explain that he doesn’t expect Bernanke to taper and fears that Yellen won’t either but hopes that she "knows that this is going to cause problems when they stop producing so much money." His ominous warning, eventually "it’sgoingtodryup.. andwhenitdriesup, we’reallgoingtopaythepriceforthismadness."

Is the Fed doing more harm than good..?

"Central Banks are making a terrible mistake…"

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