Global Growth Hopes Fade As Baltic Dry Drops Most In 11 Months

Global GrowthHopesFade As BalticDryDropsMostIn 11 Months

While the recent surge in the Baltic Dry Index was headlined as ‘proof’ that the global recovery was ‘on’, China is back, and every retiree should BTFATH, werecentlynoted, allwasnotatallitseemsonthesurfaceofthis data. Fast forward a few days and we have had 2 China PMI misses (notably disappointing relative to their Flash prints) and now the BalticDry has plungedbyitsmostin 11 monthsoverthelast 4 days. Of course, we’ve seen these kind of ramps and dumps before in the Baltic Dry – thoughitisoddthatwedon’thearthecheerleaders as thepricecollapses.

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