Fortísima bajada del Bitcoin


UPDATE: BTC has rallied 26% offitslowsinthelast 55 minutes – with extreme volumes

From it’s goldmatchinghighsat $1242 onThursdaynight, the price of Bitcoin has collapsedover $400 (32%) to $840 onheavyvolume. Of course, this is only a one-week low for the exuberant digital currency but still a significant plunge (as its smaller brethren Litecoin has collapsed 51% fromitshighs). Interestingly, this drops the price of Bitcoin in USD below the ‘arb’-based price of Bitcoin in China ($965). It seems, all coincidence aside, that the BIS infamous plunge-protection-team has been re-trained…

and as BTC collapsed, Gold rallied…

Chart: Bitcoinwisdom

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